My work questions notions of an autocratic artist and institutional hierarchies.

In my opinion, we have become saturated in the performance and visual art sectors by sticky people, those who are curated and always programmed. To me, this presents a big problem to how I view galleries and theatres, as they became transfixed on specific artists (sticky people).
At the same time, however, it still gives me the drive to try and attempt something else, something other than this concept. This is the justification for why my work remains grounded and modest, combining my personal experiences of local family life with the aesthetic of the human body. My work contains rules, orders, and structures: retaining always an originality and authenticity to who I am and my own personal history.
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A:U in 79 words: A:U is at the centre of our world: A:U is at the core of our humanity: A:U is in the aesthetic: A:U is in the absurd: A:U is music: A:U is art: A:U is a movement: A:U is A:U.

Au is the elemental code for GOLD. I will explore what Gold is, how it is used and seen culturally. How it is used in art and aesthetic. Referencing the Golden Ratio and queer aesthetic use of gold. Part lecture, part humour, part rabbit, part gold finger.



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Breath of the Author

LAVERACK spent three hours typing an academic paper whilst collecting his breath. This was a performance response to ‘The Death of the Author’ by Roland Barthes. In the original paper ‘Death’ and ‘Dead’ are mentioned; in this interpretation Breath is collected and Bread is eaten.

Below are some inspirational quotes from the book

“Literature is that neuter, that composite, that oblique into which every subject escapes, the trap where all identity is lost, beginning with the very identity of the body that writes.”


“Man does not exist prior to language, either as a species or as an individual. We never encounter a state where man is breathing”

“…Breath of the author…”

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Moving Walls

Moving Walls performed at Espai La Rambleta Exhibition Space in Valencia. This work is published in Issue 2 of All of the Sins Journal in January 2017.

This work came days after Brexit happened when I was on a Creative Europe funded residency in Valencia, Spain. As a reaction to our moving of metaphorical and the possibility of physical borders of our collective place, I decided to spend time moving the walls of my place – the gallery.

The theme for Issue 2 of All of the Sins Journal was movement in art and art through movement. Issue 2 artists took inspiration from all sorts of movement, from mathematics to current events, and translated movement into experiences for the stage, performance art, and poetry.
Dramaturgy: Fay Beesley
Scenography: Bhavesh Jadva
Movement Director: Paula Pachon


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L’Exposition Images

Images from LAVERACK’s solo exhibition: L’Exposition at CASC | Contemporary Art Space Chester.